We have Travel Dates!

Friends I apologize that I have not updated between us getting officially matched and now but everything has been moving so quickly!

The kids received our video and watched it multiple times! Our oldest daughter kept telling everyone ‘I have a mommy and a daddy”. We think they are receiving everything well. We have been able to skype with them twice. The first time it was just us and the second time Stella joined us. For the first one we expected to talk with our therapist first and then our kiddos would come in. Altho to our surprise we logged on and there they were!!! We were in shock, we did not expect that at all. It took me awhile to really form words, I think I was just so in shock. This is something that we have been moving towards for seven years and then all the sudden there they are on the other side of a video and we are able to talk with them. It took me awhile to not be in shock! I will share a sweet moment from our first skype with them. One thing we have been told about our little boy was that he may be hesitant to males at first because of their history. So I was prepared for that, after all I have wanted a boy for awhile now so I’m ready for it ;). Towards the end of the skype their therapist gave them glitter glue to paint with, which if you know Ish’s hate for glitter your laughing now, and our little boy was painting with it. Then he looks up to the screen and says “look Papi” (what he calls Ish), it was one of the sweetest things to see that from the beginning he wants Ish to see what he is doing. Stella was very nervous to skype with them but she warmed up and by the end they were holding their stickers up to the screen and getting so excited that they had matching stickers! We get to skype with them once a week so we are praying that each of our bonds continue to grow over that time.

As for our travel to go get these sweet babies, well it is coming very very soon!! We will fly out to Colombia on April 28th. Thats right April, as in this month!! We are feeling pretty much every emotion right now as we process this and prepare! We have been taking as much family time as we can get to prepare for this transition. The Lord has been so so faithful to lead us here and walk hand in hand with us each step of the way! Even tho we know that we will have hard days and really sweet days with these new family members, the Lord has continued to remind us that this is what He has called our family to and for us to keep taking each step forward.

We will most likely be in Colombia for four weeks. As I said we will fly in on April 28th. On the 29th we will have a day to get settled in, go to the grocery store and get anything we might need. Then on the 30th we get our kiddos! This day is called Encuentro Day. After that we are technically considered foster parents of them until we are able to go to court. We will have a bonding period with them until May 7th and then we go to an area called La Mesa to wait for our court date. Once we have our court date and everything is official we will be able to show you pictures and tell you their names! Then we will go back to Bogota to get the last documents we will need to fly back to the U.S.

As for our funding we are fully funded! We have been so blown away to see all the ways the Lord has worked in our funding. For everyone that has given, donated items, hosted shows or prayed over us during this time I do not have words to express how grateful we are. The support that was given to us by the committees that approve the grants that we were awarded was unreal. I did not expect to have such a connection with so many people that were awarding us grants and that has been such an added blessing! We are just so overwhelmed and relieved!

A word that the Lord gave to me in January was that He, the Lord, was going to finish what He started. So I have just been taking each step forward knowing that He was going to finish it. He would do it! The scripture I continued to remember was Ephesians 3:20-21. Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think…

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