Alright friends as most of you know we were matched early in our process of getting home study approved with little M and little G. We know a lot of you were praying for Ish’s birth certificate to come back from New York and our I800 to come back and they both came in a couple of weeks ago! So thank you for joining us in praying them to Alabama!! So we submitted all of our information to the orphanage in Colombia where the kids are and we found out on February 13th that we had been officially matched with little M and little G! We had been told that it could take weeks if they came back with questions on our home study or psych evaluation. So I had prepared myself for that. Instead of that we received the call from Ferrah, our social worker, that it was official! Tears flowed down my face as we talked to her, I am not sure if I will ever forget that phone call. What we have worked so hard for was actually happening. This has been a dream of ours for so long, and because of our process we have been guarded for a long time as well. So to be able to let that guard down and let myself feel those emotions that came with that phone call were so relieving.

After the phone call we were waiting on an official letter to come from the orphanage before we could tell anyone and move forward on more paperwork. That letter came in last week! Part of the matching process is to get gifts together for the kids to send to them and a photo album. So they should be receiving their gifts from us this week. When they do receive them they will find out about us for the first time and that they now have a forever family! Unfortunately because of the process and to protect them we can not post pictures. We will be able to post pictures once we are in country and they are legally our children. We have gotten the question a lot if we are going to keep their names. We are going to do that, but again we can not publish those until it is legal. Our daughter has a middle name so we will keep her entire name but our son does not so we will give him a middle name.

So what does this all mean for travel? This means that we are working on paperwork and once that is finalized and we are fully funded we will travel to get them! This could happen in as soon as 8 weeks! We will get to skype with little M and little G. So we are anticipating that soon! I think that will be very surreal.

We do ask that you pray for some things specifically during this time. First we ask that you pray for their hearts as they are about to receive the news that they have a forever family. Pray that the Lord would prepare their hearts to receive this information. Pray that the Lord would help them to process as they will transition soon from the orphanage where they have made friends with the children there. We also ask that you would pray for our funding to come in. We are still waiting to receive the call as to whether we have received some of the grants we have applied for. We have currently received two grants and then the matching grant from the Tim Tebow Foundation. Please join us in praying that more would come in to help with our funding and if you feel led to donate or share this information we would be grateful. We are over halfway paid on our agency fees but there is still a rather large financial need as far as travel and the fees we will have as we are in country to process everything legally for them to be able to travel home with us.

As always thank you for joining us in little M and little G’s story of becoming a Pruitt!

Below is a picture from last week when we dropped off the gifts for little M and little G to our social worker Ferrah

Ferrah and Stella.jpg