Nesting in the Waiting

Amber here jumping on to check in with you all about where we are and what we are doing in the waiting. As you know from the blog post before this we received Ismael’s birth certificate from New York, which we thought was a final document to move us forward. What we did not realize when we received that was that it still had to be sent back to New York to apostille the birth certificate. Because I was born in Alabama our social worker was able to take care of all of that for me. So New York has been quite the headache. As soon as we found out about that extra step we overnighted the document. Only for it to come back to us because someone signed something wrong. So we then overnighted the document again and have tracking on it. It has made it to the final office in New York and then should be sent straight to our agency. We are praying this is it and everything will come back correct…would you join us in that? If it does not Ismael will fly to New York and hand deliver it to each office.

We are also waiting on a form called the I-800 to be approved and sent back to our agency to move forward.

Once both of these are in their hands and translated to Spanish it will go before the orphanage and then we can be officially matched with little G and little M! Then we should know more of an idea of when we will travel.

So as we wait we continue to pray that these forms that are beyond our control will get into the right hands and move quickly. We know the adoption process is not clean cut and there are always things that arise but we are also trusting that the Lord is preparing us during this time.

We did start nesting so that we will be ready to receive little G and little M. We were able to get another twin bed for little M as she will share a room with Stella. We are still working on little G’s room. We currently have Stella’s old crib converted to a toddler bed until we can get a better solution for him, but we do have everything else for his room.

As Stella’s room has now converted into a room to share she is starting to process what it will be like to share her things and what it will look like to welcome her little brother and sister. Stella can be an emotional child at times so we have been talking thru what the change may look like for her. I imagine it will be pretty drastic to go from being the only child to being one of three, and the middle child at that. We are calling her our “first middle child”. Would you join us in praying for her heart as she starts to process what this transition will be like?

We have an interview tonight for a grant so would you also join in praying with us for that interview? We are not fully funded so we are praying as we have applied for all the grants that we can as of now that some of those would start coming in. If you do feel led or know of someone that would feel led to give financially we do still need funds to be fully funded. You can visit the donate page to find out ways to partner with us financially.

We are grateful for each of you as you join us in continuing to bring stellassiblings home!

Below you will see a picture of the girls new room that they will share!

Girls room.jpg